Episode 202 w/ Brendo and Scott – Our Cabin Gaming Weekend

Episode 202 w/ Brendo and Scott – Our Cabin Gaming Weekend

Episode 202 w/ Brendo and Scott – Our Cabin Gaming Weekend Boards Alive Podcast

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In our two hundred and second episode, Aaron is joined by Brendo and Scott. We talk all the games we played over our Cabin Gaming Weekend, including Food Chain Magnate, Team3, La Granja, Root, Loopin’ Louie, Mars Open, Mosaic, 7 Wonders, Gorilla Marketing, Joking Hazard, Long Shot: The Dice Game, Modern Art, and El Grande.

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It Was Brendo’s Birthday – 2:25

Food Chain Magnate with the Ketchup Mechanism & Other Ideas expansion – 11:10

Team3 – 21:17

La Granja – 26:00

Root with the Underworld and Marauders expansions– 29:00

Loopin’ Louie – 32:00

Mars Open: Tabletop Golf – 36:50

Mosaic: A Story of Civilization – 39:20

7 Wonders with the Armada expansion – 47:00

Gorilla Marketing – 52:20

Joking Hazard – 1:00:40

Board Game Bliss Sponsorship – 1:07:40

Long Shot: The Dice Game – 1:15:40

Modern Art – 1:18:30

El Grande – 1:28:20

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