Episode 121 -What We Missed in Our Top 50 Games of All Time


Episode 121 – What We Missed in Our Top 50 Games of All Time

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In our one hundred and twenty-first episode, we talk about what we’ve been playing lately  and we reflect on our review of Alien Frontiers from 100 episodes ago. Then we update our Top 50 Games of All Time list with some games we have played since we made our lists last year.

This episode is sponsored by Cawood Publishing & Board Game Bliss

Quinten’s Birthday – 0:45

Captain Marvel: Secret Skrulls – 3:11

Heroes of Terrinoth – 11:20

Aaron’s Euro Corner – Wendake – 25:40

Kodama: The Tree Spirits – 48:27

100 Episodes Ago We Reviewed – Alien Frontiers – 51:55

Cawood Publishing and The Monsters of the Underworld Kickstarter Sponsorship – 58:06

What We Missed in Our Top 50 Games of All Time – 1:01:56

Board Game Bliss Sponsorship – 1:46:10

Top 50 Games of All Time – 50 to 41


Top 50 Games of All Time – 50 to 41

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Thanks to the donations from all of you wonderful listeners to the charity Path of Play, the Boards Alive crew talk about their favourite games of all time.

In this episode, Aaron and Quinten talk about their 50th to 41st favourite games of all time while Linsae talks about the 5 worst games.

It’s DATENIGHT Episode 6 – The Third Wheel

GuildhallS D E coverAlien Frontiers cover

It’s DATENIGHT Episode 6 – The Third Wheel

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It’s DATENIGHT! The podcast where a wife and her husband talk about the games they play on date nights. We focus on games that are great for 2 players. Each episode is short and sweet, just the way you like it, right honey?

In Episode 6, we talk about 3 games you can play when you’ve got a Third Wheel for Datenight. That means we’re talking about games best played with 3 players.

This episode is sponsored by Tasty Minstrel Games