Episode 99 – Heaven and Ale

Heaven and ale

Episode 99 – Heaven and Ale

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In our ninety-ninth episode, we talk about how we’re using board games in the classroom, what we’ve been playing lately and announce the many prize packs and the fourth entry in our Road to Episode 100 Contest. We review the monk brewing tile placement game Heaven and Ale. And James D’Amato from One Shot Podcast and Campaign Podcast joins us to talk about Indy RPGs.

This episode is sponsored by Fantastic Factories & Board Game Bliss

Board Games in the Classroom – 0:39

The Quest for El Dorado – 9:41

Knights of Pen & Paper +1 Deluxier Edition – 15:15

Empyreal: Spells & Steam – 26:01

The Mind – 41:19

Road to Episode 100 Contest – Entry 4 – 50:42

Fantastic Factories Kickstarter Sponsorship – 57:10

Heaven and Ale Overview – 59:07

Heaven and Ale Thematic Review – 1:05:00

Board Game Bliss Sponsorship – 1:34:30

Indy RPGs with James D’Amato of One Shot Podcast and Campaign Podcast – 1:35:37


Episode 69 – Brew Crafters


Episode 69 – Brew Crafters

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In our extra sexy sixty-ninth episode, we celebrate the most love filled month of the year as we talk about what we’ve been playing recently. We also review the beer brewery themed worker placement game Brew Crafters. Then Quinten and Aaron are joined by James D’Amato of One Shot Podcast and Campaign Podcast for the third segment in the Behind the Screen RPG series, providing tips for Game Masters.

This episode is sponsored by Board Game Bliss & Tasty Minstrel Games

Sexy Voices and Kamasutra – 1:05

Camel Up the Card Game– 3:05

World’s Fair 1893 – 9:09

Catacombs 3rd Edition– 16:10

Madeira – 24:24

Board Game Bliss Sponsorship – 33:55

Brew Crafters Overview – 35:42

Brew Crafters Thematic Review – 38:27

Linsae Reviews – La Granja No Siesta: The Dice Game – 1:05:59

Tasty Minstrel Games Sponsorship – 1:06:27

Behind the Screen with James D’Amato of One Shot Podcast and Campaign Podcast – 1:07:37