Top 50 Games of All Time – 30 to 21


Top 50 Games of All Time – 30 to 21

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Thanks to the donations from all of you wonderful listeners to the charity Path of Play, the Boards Alive crew talk about their favourite games of all time.

In this episode, Aaron and Quinten talk about their 30th to 21st favourite games of all time while Linsae finally gets to the good stuff and talks about her 15th to 11th favourite games of all time.


Episode 86 – Roll Player

Roll player cover

Episode 86 – Roll Player

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In our eighty-sixth episode, Aaron talks about his recent participation in the Clash of Creators Star Realms tournament and we talk about what we’ve been playing recently. We also review the dice drafting fantasy character building game Roll Player. Then we are joined by Paul Dean of Shut Up & Sit Down to talk about his experience putting SHUX 2017 together and have some rapid fire listener questions for him.

This episode is sponsored by Game Trayz & Board Game Bliss

Clash of Creators Star Realms Tournament – 1:14

Star Realms: Scenarios – 5:18

Through the Ages App – 9:51

The Ravens of Thri Sahashri – 16:24

Total War: Warhammer 2 – 26:43

Dawn of the FunDead – Kids on Bikes – 39:25

Game Trayz Sponsorship – 45:48

Roll Player Overview – 47:10

Roll Player Thematic Review – 51:45

Board Game Bliss Sponsorship – 1:25:02

Paul Dean from Shut Up & Sit Down – 1:26:24

Reflecting on SHUX 2017 – 1:29:03

Rapid Fire Listener Questions – 2:00:20