Episode 8 – Merchants & Marauders

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Episode 8 – Merchants & Marauders

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In our eighth episode, we talk about the Watch It Played Indiegogo campaign and completionist anger. We also talk about the games we have been playing lately, including a mini review of HUE and GEM from Chris Handy’s PackOGame. We review the swashbuckling, high seas navigating pirate game, Merchants & Marauders and, in our board game discussion, we talk about Gaming on the Go.

Support Watch It Played – 1:58

Boards Alive Banter – 6:12

HUE & GEM Mini Reviews (www.packogame.com)- 22:40

Merchants & Marauders Overview – 33:20

Merchants & Marauders Thematic Review – 37:00

Gaming on the Go Discussion – 1:08:45

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