Episode 11 – Sentinel Tactics Paxtravaganza

Tactics Cover

Episode 11 – Sentinel Tactics Paxtravaganza

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In our eleventh episode, we talk about our PAX Prime 2014 experience, as well as the games we played while there. We review the team-based super hero tactics game, Sentinel Tactics, and talk about our favourite parts of PAX Prime 2014.

Boards Alive Banter – 3:40

Galactic Strike Force – 3:46

Shadowrun: Crossfire – 11:45

Warhammer 40K: Conquest – 18:00

Spirit Island – 25:00

Sentinel Tactics Overview – 32:50

Sentinel Tactics Thematic Review (Sentinel Comics T-Shirt Kickstarter)– 36:25

Paxtravaganza:  Our Top 3 Things from PAX Prime 2014 – 1:19:30

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