Episode 18 – Council of Verona Vs Love Letter

Council of Verona Cover VS Love Letter Cover

Episode 18 – Council of Verona Vs Love Letter

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In our eighteenth episode, we ring in the New Year and talk about the games we have been playing over our Christmas holiday. In another Dawn of the FunDead, we review Tiny Epic Galaxies from Gamelyn Games. We also hold our very first Head to Head battle, where we pit two games against each other, to decide which game will be the Champion of the Microgames. The two games in our first battle are Council of Verona and Love Letter. And, in our RPG discussion, we talk about planning out your own campaign.

Boards Alive Banter – 4:45

Viticulture – 4:55

Sheriff of Nottingham – 11:44

Agricola – 16:19

Dawn of the FunDead – Tiny Epic Galaxies – 28:10

Council of Verona Overview – 36:58

Council of Verona Thematic Review – 38:26

Love Letter Overview – 53:58

Love Letter Thematic Review – 56:28

Head to Head battle – the Champion of the Microgames – 1:12:07

Planning Out Your Own Campaign – 1:18:00

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