Episode 20 – Interview with Crash Games Patrick Nickell and Spencer Munoz


Episode 20 – Interview with Crash Games Patrick Nickell and Spencer

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In our twentieth episode, Quinten and Aaron are joined by Patrick Nickell and Spencer Munoz of Crash Games. We all talk about the games we have been playing lately and the games we are looking forward to in our Feed the Need segment. We also announce our first contest ever. We don’t do a formal review this episode, but interview Patrick and Spencer, asking them about their Kickstarter experiences, how they work with designers, and their upcoming game releases, and then quiz them about their knowledge of Canada in our trivia game, Know Your Neighbour to the North..

PAX South Report – 2:56

Boards Alive Banter – 6:04

Cash n’ Guns 2nd Edition – 6:53

Paperback – 13:38

Sheriff of Nottingham  – 15:15

Mysterium – 16:28

Feed the Need – 22:20

Scoville – 23:57

Alchemists – 33:50

Specter Ops – 37:11

Draco Magi Contest Announcement – 41:00

Interview with Patrick Nickell and Spencer Munoz – 42:20

Kickstarter – 1:12:00

Working with Designers – 1:29:30

What’s Coming from Crash Games – 1:45:44

Know Your Neighbour to the North – 1:51:11