Episode 22 – Mysterium

Mysterium cover

Episode 22 – Mysterium

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In our twenty-second episode, we have another Survival Kit segment about the documentary The Next Great American Game. We also talk about the games we have been playing lately and, in another Dawn of the FunDead, we review the Council of Verona: Corruption expansion. We also review the co-operative deduction card game Mysterium, and we discuss how we decide what games to buy, what to keep and cull, and what we think of expansions.

The Survival Kit – The Next Great American Game – 0:36

Boards Alive Banter – 8:00

Bruges – 8:14

Roll Through the Ages; The Bronze Age – 14:22

Doomtown Seventh Hero – 18:45

Dawn of the FunDead – Council of Verona: Corruption – 24:01

Mysterium Overview – 29:19

Mysterium Thematic Review – 32:30

How do we choose what games to buy, what to keep, what to cull, and what expansions we buy – 1:02:10

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