Episode 30 – Interview with Plaid Hat Games Colby Dauch and Isaac Vega, and Nazca Games Emerson Matsuuchi

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Episode 30 – Interview with Plaid Hat Games Colby Dauch and Isaac Vega, and Mazca Games Emerson Matsuuchi

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In our thirtieth episode, Quinten and Aaron are joined by Colby Dauch and Isaac Vega of Plaid Hat Games and Emerson Matsuuchi of Nazca Games. We all talk about the games we have been playing lately, including the upcoming Ashes from Plaid Hat Games. We don’t do a formal review this episode, but interview Colby, Emerson, & Isaac, asking them about their publishing background, their creation of Specter Ops and Ashes, and we had a ton of listener questions. Then we quizzed them on their knowledge of Canada in our trivia game, Know Your Neighbour to the North.

This episode is sponsored by Tasty Minstrel Games & Secret Base Games

Boards Alive Banter – 3:44

Murano – 3:48

Agricola – 12:30

Snake Oil – 14:52

Bad Medicine – 17:08

Ashes – 18:30

Last Will – 26:50

Grok Gaming Contest Results – 34:10

Eminent Domain Contest – 35:13

Tasty Minstrel GamesCthulu Realms & Flip City Sponsorship – 36:16

Interview with Colby, Emerson, & Isaac – 37:43

Specter Ops – 56:27

Ashes – 1:14:38

Listener Questions – 1:28:04

Upcoming Plaid Hat Games Projects – 1:38:41

Upcoming Nazca Games Projects – 1:41:44

Secret Base Games – Monstrous Kickstarter Sponsorship – 1:43:36

Know Your Neighbour to the North Trivia Game – 1:44:32

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