Episode 40 – Interview with Red Raven Games Ryan Laukat

Red Raven

Episode 40 – Interview with Red Raven Games Ryan Laukat

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In our fortieth episode, we declare the winner of the Canada VS. US Party Game Cast Snack Bracket Championship and we talk about the games we have been playing lately. We also give our Top 3 Holiday Wishlist games and talk about our Holiday Contest. Then we interview Ryan Laukat about how he is able to be a designer, artist, and publisher of so many awesome games from Red Raven Games.

This episode is sponsored by Crash Games & Quiche Games

Canada VS. US Snack Bracket Championship – 1:50

Boards Alive Banter – 6:23

The Ancient World– 6:32

Doodle Quest – 11:05

La Granja – 15:11

Dark Stories – 21:56

Top 3 Holiday Wishlist & Contest – 27:38

Crash Games Sponsorship – Pirate Den & Council of Verona: Corruption – 34:10

Quiche Games Sponsorship – 35:28

Interview with Ryan – 36:28

Red Raven Games – 1:02:36

Above & Below – 1:13:10

Islebound – 1:23:15

“Rapid Fire” Listener Questions – 1:31:55

Upcoming Red Raven Games Projects – 1:36:42


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