Boards Alive Plays – The End of the World Wrath of the Gods Episode 2

Wrath cover

Boards Alive Plays – The End of the World Wrath of the Gods Episode 2

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In the second episode of our second RPG series, Marty from Rolling Dice and Taking Names, Sean from the Dukes of Dice, and game designer Jon Gilmour join us as we experience the end of the world in The Wrath of the Gods, the 2nd RPG book in the End of the World series from Fantasy Flight Games. We try to save a life, we help some police officers, encounter a mythical being, and attempt to rescue a mother and child.

This episode is sponsored by Crash of Games & BattleBards

Introduction – 0:40

An unexpected Gen Con attendee – 2:57

Looters – 10:49

An encounter with a god – 25:45

Mid-Show Break – Crash of Games & BattleBards Sponsorship – 35:14

Showing off our fighting skills– 37:33

Let’s learn how Trauma works– 1:15:57

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