Episode 53 – Terra Mystica

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Episode 53 – Terra Mystica

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In our fifty-third episode, Aaron and Quinten are joined by special co-hosts Matt Riddle, Ben Pinchback, and Jon Gilmour, designers of the upcoming game Wasteland Express Delivery Service. We talk about the games we have been playing lately and let Jon go on random tangents throughout the episode. We also review the fantasy-themed territory building game Terra Mystica, and we discuss Collaboration in Game Design and their upcoming game Wasteland Express Delivery Service.

This episode is sponsored by Crash of Games & Tasty Minstrel Games

Introducing the co-hosts – 1:03

Gaming Background for Matt and Ben – 3:25

Boards Alive Banter – 9:11

Innovation – 9:15

Cosmic Encounter – 21:43

Karuba – 25:25

The Bloody Inn – 35:30

Trains – 46:11

Crash of Games – New Website – 1:01:19

Terra Mystica Overview – 1:02:46

Terra Mystica Thematic Review – 1:06:23

Tasty Minstrel Games – Yokohama Sponsorship – 2:07:01

Collaboration in Game Design – 2:08:08

Wasteland Express Delivery Service – 2:29:00

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