Episode 56 – Crash of Games Reviewapalooza Fish Frenzy, Plums & Backyard Builder’s Treehouse

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Episode 56 – Crash of Games Reviewapalooza Fish Frenzy, Plums & Backyard Builder’s Treehouse

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In our fifty-sixth episode, Graeme joins Aaron and Quinten as we try and heal Quinten’s booboo with a Survival Kit segment for the Meeple Realty inserts Huts of Bora Bora, Rebellion Outpost, & Mystic Tavern. We also have not one, but three reviews this episode in our Reviewapalooza. We review three Crash of Games games, the fish set collection game Fish Frenzy, the fruit collecting trick taking game Plums, and the drafting game Backyard Builder’s Treehouse. Then we discuss Art & Components and how they affect our enjoyment of a game.

This episode is sponsored by Board Game Bliss & Tasty Minstrel Games

Gen Con Shmen Con – 0:44

Survival Kit: Meeple Realty – 2:22

Boards Alive Banter – 9:13

Strike – 9:20

WWE Superstar Showdown – 14:32

Via Nebula – 25:43

Board Game Bliss Sponsorship – 34:29

Fish Frenzy Review – 35:14

Plums Review – 48:08

Backyard Builder’s Treehouse Review – 58:11

Tasty Minstrel Games Sponsorship – 1:11:35

How Art & Components affect our view of games – 1:12:20

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