Episode 71 – Oracle of Delphi

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Episode 71 – Oracle of Delphi

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In our seventy-first episode, we are joined by Linsae as we talk about what we’ve been playing recently, including our recent Jack Vasel Memorial Fund auction game of Everyone is John. We also review the pick up and deliver Stefan Feld game Oracle of Delphi. Then we have the 3rd annual Q&A with Q and A and L segment, where we answer all of your silly questions.

This episode is sponsored by Board Game Bliss & Tasty Minstrel Games

Jack Vasel Memorial Fund Everyone is John game – 0:40

Trick of the Rails – 5:22

Descent: Journeys in the Dark (2nd Ed.): Shadow of Nerekhall expansion and Seeds of Corruption campaign for the Road to Legend App – 11:40

Fantasy Fantasy Baseball – 21:50

Board Game Bliss Sponsorship – 35:41

Oracle of Delphi Overview – 36:49

Oracle of Delphi Thematic Review – 40:42

Tasty Minstrel Games Sponsorship – Colosseum – 1:13:44

The 3rd Annual Q&A with Q and A and L – 1:15:46

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