Episode 76 – Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (SPOILERS!)

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Episode 76 – Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (SPOILERS!)

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In our seventy-sixth episode, Linsae joins Aaron and Quinten as we announce that we have joined Punchboard Media, a new board game media network, talk about our new show, #DATENIGHT, and talk about the games we have been playing lately. Then we switch things up by having our discussion before our review as we talk about Our Favourite Things, as submitted by you, our listeners. We also do a full SPOILER-filled review of the #1 ranked game on Board Game Geek, the cooperative legacy game Pandemic Legacy Season 1.

This episode is sponsored by Minion Games & Board Game Bliss

We have joined Punchboard Media – 0:42

Check out our new show #DATENIGHT – 4:24

Sagrada – 6:46

Flatline – 14:25

Honshu – 24:04

Dawn of the FunDead – Dome Crushers – 33:43

Minion Games – The Mahattan Project: Energy Empire Sponsorship – 44:20

Our Favourite Things – 45:45

Board Game Bliss Sponsorship – 1:30:44

Pandemic Legacy Season 1 Overview – 1:32:05

Pandemic Legacy Season 1 NON-SPOILER Opinion – 1:35:11

SPOILERS START HERE! – Pandemic Legacy Season 1 Review – 1:38:05


2 thoughts on “Episode 76 – Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (SPOILERS!)

  1. Hah! Funny that you mention burning the cards. We are playing Seafall right now, and the first time we were instructed to destroy a card we were all so devastated that one of us tried burn it too! Like you though, we were denied by the fire retarded card design. So instead we had to make due with singing the cards and making the basement smell like plastic!

    It made me chuckle too when you introduced Dr. Ke$ha! That was some pretty grade A naming!

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