Episode 96 – Downforce Four Year Anniversary

Downforce Cover

Episode 96 – Downforce Four Year Anniversary

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In our ninety-sixth episode, we celebrate the end of the fourth year of the podcast and talk about the games we have been playing lately. We also announce a super special contest for our 100th episode. We also review the betting and racing game Downforce, and we look back on the past year of gaming for us here on the podcast.

This episode is sponsored by Tasty Minstrel Games & Board Game Bliss

Celebrating our 4th Anniversary – 1:14

Mox Boarding House – 6:15

Funky Chicken – 9:30

Monster Match – 13:22

Deckscape Test Time & The Fate of London – 17:30

Nations – 24:40

Path of Play Day – Team Boards Alive – 36:15

Road to Episode 100 Contest – Entry 1 – 39:23

Tasty Minstrel Games Sponsorship – The Flow of History – 44:41

Downforce Overview – 46:10

Downforce Thematic Review – 49:19

Board Game Bliss Sponsorship – 1:14:04

Year Four Lookback – 1:15:10

Best Game of the Last Year – 1:15:34

The Biggest Disappointment – 1:24:08

Our Favourite Games we Reviewed in Season 4 – 1:29:38


Boards Alive Plays Tomb of Horrors – Episode 4

Yawning Portal cover

Boards Alive Plays Tomb of Horrors – Episode 4

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In this episode we try to survive the Tomb of Horrors in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. We’re joined by Dustin and London, Linsae’s brother and sister-in-law as Quinten DM’s us through the tomb. We have fun with portals and Wizbam shows of their crafting skills.

This episode is sponsored by PolyHero Dice

We find a good, good room – 2:05

We have fun with portals – 19:45

Mid-Show Break – PolyHero Dice Sponsorship – 32:38

Mid-Show Break – Path of Play Event April 28 – 36:30

Baba’s Adventure – 39:08

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It’s DATENIGHT Episode 11 – The Fox in the Forest

Fox forest cover

It’s DATENIGHT Episode 11 – The Fox in the Forest

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It’s DATENIGHT! The podcast where a wife and her husband talk about the games they play on date nights. We focus on games that are great for 2 players. Each episode is short and sweet, just the way you like it, right honey?

In Episode 11, we review the 2 played trick taking game The Fox in the Forest.

This episode is sponsored by Linsae

Episode 95 – Interview with Daryl Andrews

Maples Games

Episode 95 – Interview with Daryl Andrews

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In our ninety-fifth episode, we are joined by special guest Daryl Andrews, Designer and Developer for games like Sagrada, Roar: King of the Pride, City of Gears and more, as we talk about the games we have been playing lately. Then we interview Daryl about his gamer background and he offers advice for those wanting to become full-time designers. Plus Daryl answers some Random Listener Questions.

This episode is sponsored by Talon Strikes StudiosBoard Game Bliss

We Finally Get to Talk About Baseball! – 2:57

Survival Kit – Elder Dice – Now on Kickstarter – 10:08

Rhino Hero Super Battle – 16:14

Gaia Project – 23:10

Decrypto – 24:23

The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31 – 28:58

Path of Play Day – Team Boards Alive – 39:53

Talon Strikes Studios Sponsorship – Vinyl Kickstarter – 43:18

Interview with Daryl Andrews – 44:47

Life as a Full Time Designer – 1:00:41

Surprise Announcement – Maple Games – 1:05:07

Roar: King of the Pride – 1:17:30

Outpost: Siberia and Outpost: Amazon – 1:21:58

City of Gears – 1:24:11

Board Game Bliss Sponsorship – 1:25:55

Listener Questions – 1:26:47

My Meeple & Me – Archaeological Researcher

My Meeple & Me Logo

My Meeple & Me – Archaeological Researcher

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Oh dear, what’s this then.

First off, I must warn you – this show is exceptionally NOT SAFE FOR WORK. Not in the slightest.

Some time ago, we asked for your gaming advice related questions with the promise that we might do something fun with them. Well, nearly a year later, that tree has finally borne fruit. And so, we unleash upon the board gaming world a project we have called “My Meeple and Me,” a loving homage to one of our favorite podcast media empires, the McElroy brothers’ juggernaut advice podcast “My Brother, My Brother & Me.” If you’ve enjoyed this, you will enjoy their shows much, much more. Check ‘em out!

Suggested talking points: Cargo shorts; archaeology; BASIC programming; dance moves; rules interruptions; getting the game group together.

My Meeple and Me has been a joint production of Aaron from Boards Alive, Jake from Draft Mechanic, and Alex from The Dukes of Dice.

Our theme song for this project is “One Hit Pitch Pipe” from Shapiro, friends of Jake’s from back in the college days who put together one banger of an album. You can go buy a copy of the album on their website, you should do that thing, it’s so good.

Thank you so much for listening to this oddity of a podcast, we hope you enjoyed it. Now, go listen to some McElroy goodness.