Boards Alive Plays Tomb of Horrors – Episode 4

Yawning Portal cover

Boards Alive Plays Tomb of Horrors – Episode 4

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In this episode we try to survive the Tomb of Horrors in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. We’re joined by Dustin and London, Linsae’s brother and sister-in-law as Quinten DM’s us through the tomb. We have fun with portals and Wizbam shows of their crafting skills.

This episode is sponsored by PolyHero Dice

We find a good, good room – 2:05

We have fun with portals – 19:45

Mid-Show Break – PolyHero Dice Sponsorship – 32:38

Mid-Show Break – Path of Play Event April 28 – 36:30

Baba’s Adventure – 39:08

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