Episode 128 – Marvel Champions

M Champs Cover

Episode 128 – Marvel Champions

Episode 128 – Marvel Champions Boards Alive Podcast

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In our one hundred and twenty-eighth episode, Aaron is all alone because of social distancing so he talks about some ways he’s been enjoying gaming from home and he reflects on our review of Aquasphere from 100 episodes ago. Linsae also joins Aaron to talk about playing RPGs in the age of social isolation. Then Aaron reviews the cooperative super hero living card game Marvel Champions.

This episode is sponsored by Cult Classic Callback

I’m So Alone – 0:30

Survival Kit – Folded Space Inserts – 2:33

King’s Dilemma – 6:00

Pathfinder 2nd Edition RPG Books – 14:23

Sentinels of Freedom – 24:35

100 Episodes Ago We Reviewed – Aquasphere – 31:10

RPGs with Linsae – 34:53

Cult Classic Callback Sponsorship – 54:45

Marvel Champions Overview – 55:25

Marvel Champions Thematic Review – 58:51

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