Episode 129 – King’s Dilemma

King's Dilemma

Episode 129 – King’s Dilemma

Episode 129 – King's Dilemma Boards Alive Podcast

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In our one hundred and twenty-ninth episode, Aaron is still all alone so he talks about some ways he’s been enjoying gaming from home and he reflects on our review of Specter Ops from 100 episodes ago. Then Aaron is joined by Brendan, Robb, and Scott as they review the legacy-style negotiation game King’s Dilemma.

This episode is sponsored by Board Game Bliss

I Hope You’re Doing Well – 1:39

Survival Kit – The Game Designers Movie – 2:33

Food Chain Magnate – 5:42

Dawn of the FunDead – Bullet Kickstarter – 14:50

100 Episodes Ago We Reviewed – Specter Ops – 22:15

Board Game Bliss Sponsorship – 25:25

King’s Dilemma Spoiler-Free Review – 27:32

Kennerspiel des Jahres Mini-Discussion – 1:20:00

SPOILERS – King’s Dilemma Spoiler-Filled Discussion – 1:29:15

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