Cult Classic Callback – Hollywood Rehash – Dune Vs Dune

Hollywood Rehash – Dune Vs Dune Cult Classic Callback

Hollywood Rehash – Dune Vs Dune

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2 thoughts on “Cult Classic Callback – Hollywood Rehash – Dune Vs Dune

  1. Wow, this has been annoying to listen to. I disagree with pretty much everything. Villeneuve’s movie is only a piece of work well done, a cinema spectacle. But otherwise it’s totally featureless, characterless, with some particularly cheesy scenes as well (e.g. the death of Kynes). In other words, it is very-very mainstream. Based on Arrival, I was expecting a much more daring movie from Villeneuve. On the other hand, Lynch’s movie, despite its many flaws, is a piece of art, has a lot of character with its campiness and captured the transcendent feel of the book very well. (Of which there is almost nothing in Villeneuve’s movie, it is made in a dry, realist style with a few completely out of place sentimental cheesy scenes added.)

    • Thanks so much for listening to the episode!
      I’m glad you enjoyed the original film. We didn’t delve too far into our thoughts on it, as we covered it in more detail about a year ago on our show.
      We’d love to hear what you think of that episode as well.
      I agree that this new one is very much targeted at a mainstream audience. Like we said in the episode, it’s a very accessible entry point into the Dune universe.

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