Episode 175 – Interview with Ta-Te Wu

Episode 175 – Interview with Ta-Te Wu

Episode 176 w/ the Phantom Meeple – Voices in My Head, Hadrian's Wall, Pokemon Legends Arceus, and The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe Boards Alive Podcast

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In our one hundred and seventy-fifth episode, Aaron is joined by designer Ta-Te Wu of Art Decko, Macaron, and Boba Mahjong. We talk about some games we’ve been playing, including Zapotec and Night of the Ninja. Then I interview Ta-Te about designing games.

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Ta-Te’s Current Gaming World – 1:50

Zapotec – 6:45

Night of the Ninja – 15:45

Book Buddies – Cantaloop Book 1: Breaking Into Prison – 21:00

Become a Boards Alive Patreon Patron – 29:13

Board Game Bliss Sponsorship – 32:25

Interview with Julio E. Nazario – 33:43

Art Decko – 49:35