Episode 45 – Interview with Jamie from The Secret Cabal and Patrick from Blue Peg Pink Peg

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Episode 45 – Interview with Jamie from The Secret Cabal and Patrick from Blue Peg Pink Peg

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In our forty-fifth episode, Quinten and Aaron are joined by Jamie from The Secret Cabal and Patrick from Blue Peg Pink Peg. After Aaron finishes kissing our guests butts, we talk about the games we have been playing lately. We don’t do a formal review this episode, but interview Jamie and Patrick, asking them about how they got into gaming, why they started their podcasts, what is involved in creating a podcast, and how they market and promote their shows. We also try to answer as many listener questions as we can without letting the episode break the 3 hour mark.

This episode is sponsored by Crash Games & Daedalus Productions Inc.

Boards Alive Banter – 3:10

Flick ‘Em Up– 3:20

Signorie – 11:42

Assassinorum: Execution Force – 23:13

Mice & Mystics – 37:54

Boards Alive is for Lovers …and then we held hands February CONTEST– 47:12

Crash Games Pirate DenCouncil of Verona: Corruption & much more Sponsorship – 49:32

Interview with Jamie and Patrick – 50:30

Podcasting – 1:05:51

Marketing Your Show – 1:59:18

Daedalus Productions Inc. Sponsorship – 2:24:43

Random Listener Questions – 2:26:30

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