Episode 47 – Kemet with Ta-Seti

Kemet coverTa Seti cover

Episode 47 – Kemet with Ta-Seti

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In our forty-seventh episode, Linsae joins us as we offer up some suggestions on what we should call you, the listener. We do another Survival Kit segment about the Dragon Sheath, the sculpted customizable case for gaming by Dog Might Games. We talk about the games we have been playing lately and do another Dawn of the FunDead for two more Pack O Game 2 games. We also review the Egyptian themed area control game Kemet with the new Ta-Seti expansion, and then we have the 2nd annual Q&A with Q and A and L segment, where we answer all of your silly questions.

This episode is sponsored by Crash of Games & Quiche Games

What do we call you?– 1:18

Survival Kit: Dragon Sheath by Dog Might Games – 6:19

Boards Alive Banter – 14:30

Queen’s Necklace – 14:37

Biblios – 26:14

King’s Abbey – 32:37

Dawn of the FunDead – Pack O Game 2 – ORC – 47:49

Pack O Game 2 – GYM – 52:30

Luck O’ the Irish FUSE by Renegade Game Studios March CONTEST– 1:02:40

Crash of GamesPirate Den Sponsorship – 1:04:10

Kemet with Ta-Seti Overview – 1:05:10

Kemet with Ta-Seti Thematic Review – 1:09:10

Quiche Games Sponsorship – 2:07:55

Q&A with Q and A and L – 2:08:46

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