Boards Alive Monster Mash-up – Episode 5


The Boards Alive Monster Mash-up – Episode 5

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In the fifth episode of this board game variety show, we get a Taste of What the Food? with The Party Game Cast, we introduce a new segment called Behind the Mic where we interview other podcasts you should be listening to. Our first guests for this new segment are Edward and Amanda from Heavy Cardboard. The Dukes of Dice pitch us their Board Game Blockbusters, Crag from Botch Games tells us why he is a Cunning Linguist, Nick Mariner tells us why you should learn how to teach games, Linsae Reviews some games, and we tell you our Games of the Month.

This episode is sponsored by Crash Games & Daedalus Productions Inc.

Rock Stars? – 0:28

The Party Game Cast: A Taste of What the Food – 2:14

Behind the Mic: Heavy Cardboard – 9:43

Linsae Reviews: Broom Service – 31:34

Crash Games Sponsorship: Where Art Thou Romeo?Council of Verona 2nd Ed. – 32:03

Daedalus Productions Inc. Sponsorship: Gaming Inserts – 34:18

Dukes of Dice: Big Screen Board Games – 37:04

Botch Games: The Cunning Linguist – 47:18

Linsae Reviews: La Isla – 54:09

Nick Mariner: Nick’s Comedy Coin Purse – 54:38

Game of the Month – 1:07:29

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